Face Detection
40 pixels Eye Distance
Reliably detect human faces in a photo, along with their coordinates and sizes.
Verification (1:1)
More than 99% Accuracy
Compare one face with another to identify if it is the same person or not.
Identification (1:N)
Store billions of people in the gallery.
Find a person by face in a pre-loaded collection of faces.
Emotions, Gender, Age
Recognize people’s facial expressions and detects primary and secondary emotions. Also detects age and gender
Video Support
Directly detect, verify, and identify faces in a video stream.
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Our Solutions
Make your city safer by automatically identifying suspects and potentially dangerous people from among hundreds of surveillance cameras. You can even alert law enforcement.
Find a person on a photo in a database of hundreds of millions of photos in a fraction of a second. This allows you to reliably identify suspects in cases when only photo or video evidence is available.
Simplify access control and improve security by implementing face-based verification. Set up secure whitelists and blacklists with a false accept rate (FAR) as good as 1 in 1,000,000.
Automatically compare someone’s casual photo against a database of IDs or source photos to determine if it is the same person or not. Maintain images of known fraudsters as well.
Know and track your real-world customers by unobtrusively identifying them on live video streams and performing advanced big data analytics to support your decision making.
Identify known VIPs or other visitors in your social network just by having them to walk past a camera, letting you deliver offers or promotions directly to their accounts.
Event Agencies
Improve and accelerate your registration process by automatically identifying people and printing their badges without even asking their names.
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Face verification demo
Face verification allows comparing two faces
Drag a photo here or
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Drag a photo here or
choose a photo to upload
Best identification algorithm in the world.
Proved by Megaface challenge.
as a technology demonstration:
0 M
100M people in search index
0 M
250M photos in the dataset
Query time
for 250M dataset
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