NtechLab & FindFace in the media
Thanks to new software, a thief was apprehended in the Siberian coal-mining city of Kemerovo. The facial recognition system, which was developed by the Moscow-based startup, already helped identify over 180 wanted criminals during the World Cup in summer 2018.
Currently, facial biometrics systems allow you to recognize not only a person’s face but also gender, age, and emotional state. These capabilities allow retail businesses to use video analytics as an extra level of security, preventing fraud and embezzlement, as well as to increase sales through improved customer service.
In Almetyevsk several hundreds of cameras with a face recognition technology from NtechLab will be installed, report “Tatar-inform” citing the deputy minister of Tatarstan, Informatization and communications Minister Roman Shaihutdinov.
By 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in large cities. And the task of how to make modern technologies more responsive toward people’s needs will be seen as more and more important every year.
NtechLab announces the rollout of FindFace Security, an intelligent video analytics system with face recognition. It is driven by a biometric identification algorithm. The technology is suitable for transportation and manufacturing facilities, law enforcement, sporting and entertainment events, casinos and retail chains
NtechLab rolls out an out-of-the-box version of face recognition technology FindFace Security, the winner of several international face recognition contests. Rostec, the owner of a stake in NtechLab through a subsidiary, intends to implement this version on its key enterprises
From the reign of Peter the Great to the Soviet era, and now under President Putin, Russia has been intent to, as Lenin termed it, “catch up and surpass” the West. That ambition applies to AI, too. “If Russia is to “ride this technological wave,” as Putin describes it, the country will need people like … Continue reading RUSSIA TRIES TO GET SMART ABOUT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
“If Russia is to “ride this technological wave,” as Putin describes it, the country will need people like Artem Kuharenko”
The authorities of Moscow reported on the results of the implementation of the face recognition system. Intelligent video cameras are installed in Moscow’s subway, collecting all the incoming information into a single database. If a passenger’s shot matches the mug shot of the person on the wanted list, the system instantly alerts a duty police … Continue reading Security measures or total surveillance: Moscow subway reaps the benefits of a face recognition technology
The representatives of several transportation infrastructure facilities stated that they are currently testing a face recognition technology to identify passengers. Ntechlab CEO reveals how intelligent video analytics systems can make our lives more comfortable and safer.