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use cases

Visitor Identification

Create “black”, “white” and “custom” lists of clients and employees. As soon as an unwanted guest comes into sight, the system notifies your security personnel. Being notified about your VIPs arrival will help you provide them a truly warm welcome.

Expedited Service

Today, you can’t make people wait. Facial recognition technology speeds up the delivery of numerous services, such as customs control in an airport, online loans, POS operations, etc.

Access Management

Face recognition access control provides employees with quick, smooth and convenient access to the workplace and takes the enterprise security to the next level.

Public Safety

The FindFace face recognition system improves security city- and nationwide. Integrate FindFace with thousands of cameras that are already embedded in urban infrastructure.

Fraud Prevention

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Instantly spotting people with criminal records, FindFace will help to protect your business from possible financial losses and investigate theft, should it happen.

Know Your Customer

The world has become personalized. Offer your customers products and services they really need.