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NtechLab & FindFace
in the media

Biometric Update

NtechLab announced today a new integration partnership that will enable Genetec Security Center users to have access to NtechLab’s FindFace facial recognition algorithm. FindFace Security creates greater situational awareness and increases the efficiency of control operations by turning video streams gathered by Genetec surveillance technologies into valuable insights with the use of AI-driven face recognition.

TRT World

Authorities in Moscow have announced plans to expand the use of facial recognition. The technology recently played a pivotal role in catching criminals during the World Cup. The government argues it will make Moscow safer and more efficient, with plans for the technology to replace bus tickets.

The Globe and Mail

Russia’s most prominent facial recognition company, Ntechlab, has also developed emotion-recognition algorithms. But even the best current technology doesn’t work well on an individual basis, warned founder Artem Kukharenko. “It’s very difficult to label the underlying emotion,” he said, since external expression and internal feeling don’t always correlate well.

The Wilson Quarterly

From the reign of Peter the Great to the Soviet era, and now under President Putin, Russia has been intent to, as Lenin termed it, “catch up and surpass” the West. That ambition applies to AI, too. "If Russia is to “ride this technological wave,” as Putin describes it, the country will need people like Artem Kuharenko"