FindFace Security empowers organizations of any size to boost their security in a wide range of areas – finance and banking, commerce and retail, law enforcement, events, transportation infrastructure. The solution is driven by the world’s leading AI engine that recognizes people with superior accuracy and speed.

FindFace Security allows you to identify people in live video streams and prevent a crime before it happens. It takes less than 5 seconds to detect a person in a video stream, match him against the database of people of interest and alert the security officer to his appearance.

The system enables security staff to easily create blacklists, whitelists, VIP lists.

FindFace Security uses an accurate biometric identification algorithm whose efficiency has been repeatedly recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) in independent tests. The false accept rate (FAR) is as good as 1 in 1,000,000, making for ultimate security.
The solution effectively identifies people even in difficult conditions: changes in lighting, appearance, with foreign objects in a frame, head tilts.
FindFace Security is designed for security officers and offers a simple and easy-to-use interface. Findface Security mobile application allows you to receive instant alerts and integrate it with instant messaging clients.
The system supports common video cameras and detects people on videos of even average quality, which is crucial for ensuring public safety.
The solution allows you to connect practically an unlimited number of video cameras, servers, and users. FindFace Security has already demonstrated excellent results in a range of large-scale city-wide projects.
FindFace Security runs on the customer’s server, storing all your information locally and preventing any leaks of your data.
FindFace Security ensures safety in large cities, subways, crowded places – sporting events, concerts, airports, railways stations. The face recognition system allows you to instantly alert security staff to the appearance of criminals and troublemakers from the watch lists and respond to potential security risks by taking proper and timely action. The solution enables users to adjust the volume and format of the data about a person you receive.
Equipped with our leading face recognition tool FindFace Security, retail companies can significantly cut operating costs by detecting shoplifters and preventing embezzlement by employees. The system allows you to accurately count unique, returning and VIP visitors.
FindFace Security empowers gambling establishments and casinos to add an extra layer of security and optimize their business processes. The solution can create blacklists, alerting security staff to the appearance of unwelcome guests, archive and recover the history of visits for retrospective analysis. Thus the company is equipped to drive down operating costs by preventing fraud and asset misappropriation. The solution also recognizes VIP guests and facilitates personalized experiences, recommendations, and offers.
The intelligent video analytics from FindFace Security ensures the safety of events by detecting visitors from blacklists and instantly alerting the security staff to their appearance. The solution reduces the risks of unauthorized access to the territory and drives down operating costs by minimizing the risks of damage to physical assets.
Financeand banking
By tapping into the advantages of FindFace Security, banks and financial organizations can reduce the risks of bad loans by tracking fraud and prevent unauthorized access to the territory of the organization. The solution creates an extra level of security for business, helps cut down identity theft risks, recognize VIP customers and facilitate personalizes offers, recommendations, and experiences.
he intelligent video analytics from FindFace Security allows an industrial organization of any size to increase their security using the ultimate face recognition technology. The solution lets you ensure effective control access, prevent unauthorized access to the territory of the organization, preempt and investigate embezzlement incidents in a timely manner.


CPU: 4 cores (modern Intel x86-64 CPUs with AVX support, over 2 GHz)
RAM: 8 Gb
HDD: 20 Gb for OS, software, and logs. ~1 МB per event.
Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (only x64)