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Add the world's most accurate face, gender, age and emotions recognition technology to your products.

Whether you’re creating a new solution in the world of facial recognition technology or are adding cool facial recognition features to an existing product, FindFace is here to help.

FindFace’s technology offers the highest face recognition accuracy in the industry, entirely unmatched by competing products, and is the only one proven for fast, large-scale search of millions and even billions of photos.

Our easy-to-use cloud-based REST API enables quick and seamless integration into your custom application or implementation, saving an engineer's time for more important tasks.

neural network
Unlike most products available on the market today, FindFace uses a proprietary neural network trained to near-perfection on 20,000,000 photos. Its speed and accuracy redraw the lines for industry standards, enabling new applications that were previously impossible.
The unique neural network operates with an error rate as low as 1 in 1,000,000. With a dataset of 10,000, its identification accuracy rate is over 95%.
Age, gender
and emotions recognition
The FindFace Enterprise SDK enables gender, age, and emotions recognition. It detects the gender of a person in a photo with 99% accuracy, and detects age with 95% accuracy within a three-year threshold. Additionally, it enables a person’s primary and secondary emotions detection.
Fastest Large-
Scale Search
Thanks to the industry's smallest face descriptor (coming in at just 0.625 KB) and our unique proprietary search index, FindFace technology is able to search among billions of photos in less than a half-second with no accuracy degradation.
Proven by
A public service facilitated by FindFace technology, allows the searching of 250 million photos of 100 million individuals from a social network in less than 0.3 seconds. It uses just four servers to process more than 50 requests per second.
What functionality does FindFace Cloud API offer?

FindFace Cloud API provides methods for:

- Face Detection (locate faces on a photo)
- Face Verification (compare faces on two photos)
- Face Identification (find faces from a photo in a gallery)
- Face Gallery (add, remove or list faces for further identification)
- Emotions, Gender, Age recognition

For more detailed information, please refer to FindFace Cloud API Documentation.

What interface FindFace Cloud API provides?

FindFace Cloud API provides REST API that you can call from your application. At this time there is no graphical interface(GUI) that you can use to utilize the face recognition functionality.

Additionally, for your convenience we provide a web-based FindFace Cloud API Account portal that can be used to see your balance, number of requests and faces, payments and usage history, or add money to your account.

How many requests can I make free of charge?

An initial $50 balance allows you to make 9,000 requests or store 9,000 faces for 14 days. After the initial balance is consumed, you will need to add money to your account in order to continue using the API.

Do you offer a trial period?

To help you evaluate the service, we offer an initial balance of $50.00 consumable within two weeks.

How FindFace Cloud API is priced?

To use FindFace Cloud API you need to have a positive balance on your account. We charge per API request and per face stored.

For example, if you make 10,000 API requests per month and have 1,000 faces in your galleries, your monthly bill will be $60 for requests and $10 for faces, a total of $70.

Current prices are published on our web site.

What API requests are counted?

Currently we charge for all API requests.

If an API method allows to process multiple faces or photos in a single call, such call is counted as a single request, independently on a number of faces or photos you provided.

How API requests price is calculated?

The more requests you make monthly – the cheaper will be per-request price. There are multiple price tiers in a pricing section on our web site.

At the beginning of each billing period, at the current pricing, each API request costs $5.99 / 1,000 = $0.00599 (that is $5.99 / 1,000). Once you reach over 10,000 requests during your billing period, the price for new requests drops to $4.99 / 1,000 = $0.00499 per request. Previous requests (priced at $5.99 per 1,000) are not re-priced.

For example, if you make 500,000 requests monthly, the price will be calculated as following:

- First 10,000 requests are priced at $5.99 per 1,000 - total of $59.90
- Next 90,000 requests are priced at $4.99 per 1, 000 -a total of $449.10
- The remaining 400,000 requests are priced at $3.99 per 1,000 – a total of $1,596.00

In this example, with our current pricing, the cost of 500,000 requests monthly will be $59.90 + $449.10 + $1,596.00 = $2,105.00.

How faces in galleries price is calculated?

With FindFace Cloud API you can add faces to a gallery for further identification. We charge a fee for each face you have in a gallery according to pricing published on our web site.

The more faces you have – the higher lower will be per-face price. With your current pricing, first 10,000 faces can be stored at $9.99 / 1,000 = $0.00999 per face per month. Once you reach over 10,000 faces, the price for extra faces drops to $7.99 / 1,000 = $0.00799 per face per month.

Most likely you will be adding and deleting faces during your billing period. In this case, the price for storing a face will be prorated proportional to a period that it is stored. For example, if storing 1,000 faces for 15 days in a 30-day billing period will cost $9.99 * 15 / 30 = $5.00.

If the same face with the same ID is added to multiple galleries, it is charged as a single face.
For example, if you have 500, 000 faces, you monthly cost can be calculated as following:

-First 10,000 faces will be charged at $9.99 per 1,000 – a total of $99.90
- Next 90, 000 faces will be charged at $7.99 per 1, 000 – a total of $719.10
- The remaining 400,000 faces will be charged at $4.99 per 1,000 – a total of $1,996

The total cost of storing 500,000 faces for a month will be $99.90 + $719.00 + $1,996 = $2,815.

When my billing period starts?

Your monthly billing period starts at a day of a month when you created your account.

For example, if your account is created on 18th of September, your next billing period will start on 18th of October, etc.

What is a minimal payment?

When you are adding money to your account for the first time, we request that you add at least $250. Consequent times you can add any amount.

What is balance expiration?

A balance will expire 6 months after the date of payment. For example, if you made a payment on 18th of September 2016, you need to use it before 18th of March 2017. After this date, the unused portion of the payment will be deemed consumed.

What are galleries?

Gallery is a collection of faces that you enroll (add) for further identification. Galleries help you separate your datasets while using the same Access Token. Identification (search) can be performed on each gallery separately.

You may use just a single default gallery or create multiple galleries.

How do I get my Access Token?

Access Token is required with every API call to authenticate you as a valid customer. You can get you Access Token from your FindFace Cloud API Account.


If you’re unable to use the Cloud API due to security or other requirements - contact us to discuss on-premise deployment on your servers.

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