Best in class face, emotions, gender and age recognition

technology certified by nist and winner of iarpa frpc challenge

Face Detection
40 pixels Eye Distance
Reliably detect human faces in a photo, along with their coordinates and sizes.
Verification (1:1)
More than 99% Accuracy
Compare one face with another to identify if it is the same person or not.
Identification (1:N)
Store billions of people in the gallery.
Find a person by face in a pre-loaded collection of faces.
Emotions, Gender, Age
Recognize people’s facial expressions and detects primary and secondary emotions. Also detects age and gender
Video Support
Directly detect, verify, and identify faces in a video stream.
Why FindFace
Confirmed Quality
Best result in key datasets
Proven large-scale search for
0 M
100M people in search index
0 M
250M photos in the dataset
Proven speed for
Query time
for 250M dataset
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Our products
FindFace Public Safety
The system of intellectual video analytics FindFace Public Safety is specifically designed to ensure public safety on the scale of a metropolis, a region and even the whole country.
FindFace Security
FindFace Security effectively detects and identifies people in images and live video streams, creating an extra level of security for all types of law enforcement and business organizations.
FindFace Enterprise Server SDK
Does the job of face recognition completely on your side. FindFace can be embedded into any web, mobile, or desktop application using the cross-platform REST API.